2004 Ford GT Prototype CP4/007

VIN: 1FAFP90S64Y400007


• One of as few as four prototype cars remaining in existence
• The first Ford GT Prototype to hit 200 MPH in testing
• Confirmation Prototype 4 used to prove ride, handling, steering and climate control
• Offered with current title; road registered and driven
• Unique detail differences from other prototypes and production cars
• Serviced by Ford Motor Company Certified Master GT Technician
• Working air-conditioning, rewired electrical system, and newer clutch
• Documented in the definitive Ford GT book “Ford GT 2005-2006: The Complete Owners Experience”
• Proven performer on the road and ready to be driven


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First shown in 2002 to celebrate Ford Motor Company’s upcoming centennial, the new Ford GT40 concept car was designed by Camilo Pardo, the head of Ford’s “Living Legends” studio under the direction of Ford Design Chief J. Mays. Clearly inspired by the all-conquering GT40s that conclusively beat Ferrari at Le Mans in 1966 and dominated there through 1969, the Ford GT was prepared, refined, and tested for production. While echoing the GT40’s layout and iconic design cues, the new Ford GT utilized modern, state-of-the-art engineering, space-age materials, and construction to deliver greater performance than its legendary forebear. Powering the new GT was a mid-mounted supercharged 32-valve 5.4-liter V-8 engine with competition-type dry sump lubrication producing 550 HP. Power was delivered by a six-speed transmission/rear transaxle from Ricardo, the supplier of racing transmissions for international GT, rally, and open-wheel racing. All-independent suspension and huge vented Aston-Martin Brembo four-wheel disc brakes rounded out the mechanical package, resulting in a truly blistering performance.


While capable of truly blistering performance, including a 209.1-mph speed hit by one of the test cars at Nardo, Italy, these cars are also renowned for their deceptive practicality and ease of operation in everyday traffic, including a light clutch feel. The interior, which pays homage to the original GT40, is complete with leather-trimmed carbon fiber seats, electric power windows, and air-conditioning. Unlike its 1960s predecessor; however, the GT interior is remarkably comfortable. All these attributes came about from the now-legendary development and testing program applied to the GT by Ford’s SVT Special Vehicle Team before it was deemed ready for series-production and sale to the public.

Perhaps one of the most important examples of all first-generation Ford GTs in existence is this 2004 Ford GT Prototype, which is best known as Confirmation Prototype 4 / 007. The GT project engineers recall Ford building up to 15 test mules in a building owned by Steve Saleen and began rigorous performance and safety testing. The fourth complete test vehicle after the introduction of the red, white, and blue centennial body shell cars, CP4 was primarily used to prove ride handling, steering, and secondarily – climate control – to ensure that the prototype parts performed as designed and were ready for production. Furthermore, this Prototype GT is also noted as being the first GT in production history to surpass the mythical 200 mile-per-hour mark, furthering its historical significance.


Documented in the definitive book “Ford GT 2005-2006: The Complete Owners Experience” by Joseph V. (“GT Joe”) Limongelli and Marcie A. Cipriani, CP4 was delivered on June 4, 2003. It exhibits many interesting detail-oriented differences from the other prototypes and production cars and is a complete running vehicle. Perhaps most significantly, CP4 was the first Ford GT Prototype to hit the magical 200-mph mark in testing. It was painted all black with rare full stripe delete, fitted with timing and performance instrumentation, and was the vehicle the Ford GT program used to test final developments in suspension, steering, and braking systems. Velcro attachments remain from instruments placed on the car during testing, and it was built without airbags or full noise suppression. It also carries the signatures of all 15 of the Ford GT project engineers as a true piece of modern living history.

This car, CP4/007, is equipped as original with formed carbon fiber inner clamshell skin that was unavailable on production cars and was not available as one of the four options. Documented in the definitive book, “Ford GT 2005-2006: The Complete Owners Experience”,  this inner clamshell carbon skin was far too expensive to make and would have added over $45,000 to the MSRP. Other non-production features include a black powder-coated supercharger and valve covers (production cars had silver superchargers and Ford Blue valve covers) with a number of small engine bay differences. Pre-production interior changes include teardrop aluminum shift knob, radio, and a back panel subwoofer that had not been incorporated into production at this time. Exterior differences included front corner amber indicator lights as opposed to the clear production lights and it retains the factory yellow sticker marked ‘696’ on the rear bumper.


Since being preserved from the typical factory demise of prototype and testing vehicles, it has enjoyed just three careful owners. CP4 has been serviced and maintained by a Ford Motor Company Certified Master GT Technician. The electrical system has been rewired, the air-conditioning system was fixed and works properly, and new coolant hoses, a new clutch, along with a Ford Racing exhaust. As offered, CP4 has a current title, is properly road-registered, and can be street-driven. Consistently proven on the road, CP4 is offered from fastidious and attentive care and ready to enjoy as an extremely rare piece of engineering prowess, celebrating the “Blue Oval’s” drive and determination to produce one of the finest all-around Supercars. Since the Ford GT was released for sale to the public, prices have risen where committed and knowledgeable collectors understand their collectability and truly special nature.


The advent of the new generation of Ford GTs has only added to the importance and value of this prototype. As one of as few as four Ford GT prototypes known still remaining in existence, CP4 is the only one of them known with a current title and not speed-governed to 15 mph, making it usable on tours and rallies which places it head and shoulders above the others. As offered, CP4/007 is properly sorted delivering blistering performance and incredible driving dynamics. A true motorsports and design landmark in every respect, this pre-production 2004 Ford GT stands as an incredible link bridging the original GT40s of the 1960s and the modern GTs that once again took on the world’s best competitors and won at Le Mans.

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