1929 Pierce-Arrow Model 133 Limousine

• A beautifully restored example
• A CCCA Full Classic®
• Ready to be toured and shown at Concours events
• Nicely sorted with a 125 HP 366 cid straight-eight engine

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Named for its 133-inch wheelbase, this 1929 Pierce-Arrow Model 133 Limousine helped its manufacturer hit a much-needed financial bullseye as things had not been looking good for the Buffalo, New York-based Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company. A reversal of fortune was needed, and it arrived in the form of a business alliance with the Studebaker Corporation. The “merger” was more of a Studebaker acquisition, but no matter: Pierce-Arrow reaped big benefits. Due to Studebaker’s financial backing, they now had the ability to produce two new model ranges for 1929: The Model 133 and the Model 143. The 133 would be the favorite among the two and was offered in an astonishing twelve different body styles.

Offered in one of the more distinguished body styles, comes this lovely 1929 Pierce-Arrow Model 133 Limousine. Treated to a body-off-the-frame restoration that was finished with a lovely two-tone color scheme consisting of dark maroon and black, it exudes an elegant look. Known for being a premier brand of the ‘20s and ‘30s, this 133-inch wheelbase Limousine comes with a spacious amount of room in the cabin that transports its occupants to one of the highest standards one could find in the 1920s. The fit and finish are nice and snug, and the paint does not appear to show any major faults throughout. The exterior carries several notable appointments like a radiator stone guard, patented Pierce-Arrow designed “frog-eye” headlamps incorporated into the front fenders, a rear trunk rack with a color key trunk, dual side-mounted spares, dual horns, and a black leatherette roof. All the Goodrich Silvertown whitewall tires appear to show a good amount of tread left and in be in good condition, besides the yellowing taking place on the “whitewall” part of the tires.

Mechanically, Pierce-Arrow was at the top of the automotive world in 1929 when it came to engine offerings, as their 366-cubic-inch straight-eight engine offered higher performance and more power than any other American eight-cylinder, besides the Mighty Model J Duesenberg. Nicely restored and sorted, this example’s 125-horsepower inline eight-cylinder engine combines with its three-speed manual transmission to give it wonderful road manners with minimal effort from the operator. Mechanically sound from front to rear, this Pierce-Arrow Model 133 Limousine offers its next caretaker the unique opportunity to partake in tours around the country while hosting guests in lavish style and comfort.

Most recently, this example was invited to partake in the 2022 Concours d’Elegance at Copshaholm and was admired by hundreds for its stylish craftsmanship and nicely appointed paint scheme. A pivotal car in the success and history of the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company, this nicely restored, CCCA Full Classic® Model 133 Limousine makes for a wonderful addition to any collection of classics.

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