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How Auctions Work Video Series

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The “How Auctions Work” Series offers a comprehensive guide on the car auction process, delivered by the team at Worldwide Auctioneers. It begins with an introduction to the company and its philosophy, emphasizing the emotional and financial aspects of car collecting. The series then guides potential sellers through preparing their car for auction, including necessary paperwork and marketing strategies. It addresses common concerns and misconceptions about auctions, reassuring sellers with the effectiveness of well-run auctions and the importance of realistic expectations. A significant focus is placed on the decision between selling with or without a reserve, highlighting the advantages of each based on market knowledge and personal circumstances. Throughout the series, the importance of a supportive auction house, the benefits of live auctions over online auctions, and the overall efficacy of the auction process in achieving fair market value are underscored, making it a valuable resource for anyone considering selling a car at auction.

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Series Overview

Episode 1: Why Auctions?

Join John Kruse as he walks through the auction process. From consigning to the benefits of the auction, to dealing with difficult life situations. Worldwide Auctioneers is here to guide you through the sometimes daunting but very rewarding process of selling your car or collection at auction.

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Episode 2: Worldwide Marketing

John Kruse talks about what is needed to get a car ready for global viewers and potential buyers. Included topics are professional photography and video, documents and paperwork, writing and history and digital and print distribution. With Worldwide Auctioneers you truly get Worldwide exposure.

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Episode 3: Live Auction Experience

There is nothing better than the live auction experience. The human connection and sharing of stories, the transparent process, and the emotional investment are all unique to the live auction and benefits that you won’t get in an online auction.

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Episode 4: The Worldwide Difference

The auction process can be a little overwhelming. John Kruse addresses some common fears and how a great team of professionals can really be a game changer. This is The Worldwide Difference.

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Episode 5: Reserve or No Reserve?

One of the most important questions to answer when selling a car at auction is whether to set a reserve on your car or sell at no reserve? John Kruse shares the many benefits of selling at no reserve as well as some helpful insights from being a participant in the industry for over 20 years.

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