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Register to Bid

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to bid?

The registration process is super simple. When you arrive at the auction, make sure to find our team at the registration table. Then, you will read, review, and agree to our terms & conditions and fill out the registration form.


You can also pre-register online here.

Can I register online?

Of course! Simply click here to start your pre-registration process. On Auction Day be sure to stop by the registration table with photo identification to receive your bidder paddle.

What do I bring to the auction?

You will want to be sure to bring the following items  with you on Auction Day:

Verification of funds

Once you have determined your bidding limit make sure to either a bank statement or bank letter verifying you have the funds available.

Photo Identification

Once we verify your identification, you will receive your bidder paddle and officially registered to bid!

Note: If this is you first time bidding you will need to make sure to bring a 10% deposit (Cashier’s Check or Bank Wire) for your bidding limit.

Can I look at/inspect the automobile?

Yes, once registered you can inspect the automobile(s) you are interested in. It is your responsibility to inspect the automobile to your satisfaction.

Can I bring someone with me to look at/inspect the vehicle?

Definitely! We want you to feel confident about your decision. Feel free to bring another consultant or mechanic with you and ask questions so you can be confident while placing your bids.

When is inspection?

When you buy at auction inspections are before not after the auction. There is no inspection once a transaction is complete.

We will provide you with every piece of information the seller has given us.

When is my transaction complete?

There are numerous ways to place bids at auction they are:

Live Auction Bidding:

Most people enjoy this method of bidding. While in the auction room the auctioneer will ask for a particular bid amount and you will raise your paddle indicating you would like to bid. 

Appoint an Authorized Agent:

You can fill out a form to have one of our authorized agents execute your bids on your behalf during the auction.

Call to Bid:

You can get set up to bid by telephone, so you can be in any location and place your bids. We will call you (you do not need to call us) during the live auction.

Absentee Bid:

You will provide us with the maximum amount you would like to bid and we can execute for you.

Note: Whatever the method you choose, be sure to communicate with our staff to ensure we are receiving your bids.

What is a buyer’s premium?

The buyers premium is an auctioneer’s fee added to the buyer’s winning bid. This makes up your total bid price. If you have additional questions about a buyer’s premium please feel free to ask one of our staff members at registration.

What are bidding increments?

When someone else places a bid, we will place a slightly higher bid on your behalf. The amount the bid increases is a bid increment.


The auctioneer will communicate with you and explain “We have 1 million dollars bid. Will you bid 1.1 million?” That is your opportunity to either raise your paddle communicating you would like to bid that amount or you can say you would like to bid a different amount like “1 million 50 thousand” and offer that amount to the auctioneer and he may or may not accept it.

Will I be able to see current bids in my currency?

Yes. For our registered bidders across the world, we will have a currency converter on the screen displaying the currency of your choice so you can seamlessly follow along.

Note: The auctioneer will be communicating in American Dollars.

What do I do after my purchase?

First, you will go to the auction business office to finalize the execution of your bill of sale. This is where we will discuss the transportation of your automobile as well as how you can best take care of your collector car after purchase.

When do I get the automobile?

Once we have received the final payment for the vehicle we will immediately send your vehicle to you or your authorized agent.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. For this auction, the registration fee is $267.