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Consign Seamlessly

Your boutique advisor for getting the most for your collector car.

A Simple & Timely Process

1 • Submit Your Car

After sending your car’s information, we will evaluate its auction potential and together determine the best strategy for success.

2 • Catalogue Your Car

Once we endorse your car, high-quality photos will be provided, a compelling description will be written, and the car is catalogued.

3 • Auction Your Car

Finally, your car will be safely transported to the auction location, will be overseen by one of our car specialists, and auctioned to qualified bidders from all over the world.

Consign with Confidence

Choosing the right consigner is the most important move you will make when selling your collector car. Here’s what you can expect when partnering with Worldwide Auctioneers.

Worldwide Auctioneers

Owner Auctioneers get you the most value

Seamless transaction from beginning to end

Premium photography and marketing

Committed to perfecting the details

Repeatedly successful sales that get the most for your car

Other Auctioneers or Car Dealers

Greedy and only care about their own bottom line
Confusing and convoluted process
Details are missed
Not customer-focused
Car sells for less than it should


Consigning your car is a major decision that I believe should be stress-free and exciting. There are too many greedy car dealers in the world that are only concerned about themselves and what they can gain from selling your car.

My ultimate goal is simple: I want you to get the absolute most out of your collector car and have fun in the process. Worldwide Auctioneers takes pride in putting our customers needs before our own.

That means clarity at all times, obsessing over the details of your car, and a seamless transaction process from beginning to end.

Rod Egan

Principal and Chief Auctioneer

Consign at Auction

Our auction process is seamless, simple, and fun. Consign your collector car with us today so we can get the most for your car!

Consign Your Car

Consign for Private Sale Gallery

We are delighted to announce The Gallery, our new physical and virtual showroom. The Gallery is a 40,000-square-foot space dedicated to showcasing your collector car for private sale.

Consign for Private Sale Gallery