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Bradey Gerke

Researcher and Writer

Bradey graduated from Huntington University with a degree in Communications and Marketing; while there, he was on scholarship for Track & Field where he competed in the pole vault and decathlon and broke multiple school records. Bradey’s love for automobiles came at an early age when he laid eyes on a 1970 Grabber Blue Boss 429 Mustang at an auction in Auburn, Indiana.


He first joined the Worldwide team part-time in 2019 and then full-time in 2020 as our in-house researcher and writer. Today, Bradey is responsible for a plethora of tasks, like writing the descriptions that go into the boutique car auction catalogs, exploring the history of automobiles, handling historical documents, helping generate new marketing content for print and online ads, as well as putting together the annual The Enthusiast Driving Tour.