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1990 Honda GB500


In the late '80s, Honda introduced several innovative motorcycles. The Trans-Alp, the Hawk, and the GB500. Due to the weak dollar, they cost over $4,000 in 1989, a lot of money for a bike in the 500cc range. The GB500 was patterned to cash in on the café racer craze. One was now offered a BSA Goldstar / Velocette Thruxton-style tribute bike with an electric starter and a reliable engine (and electrics!). Sadly, like many units, they floundered on dealers' floors. They were stacked up in Honda’s warehouses. A few years after introduction, it was not uncommon to come across some that were half-priced. Honda finally took the last ones and dumped them in Europe. As soon as something disappears, everyone wants them! This is a clever “resto mod” with its Suzuki 4LS brake, in lieu of the original disc. A SuperTrapp exhaust completes the retro look. 10,326 miles indicated.

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