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Lot 60.2
1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible


Offered as a Single Lot with the Stainless Tudor Sedan and Thunderbird

CHASSIS NO: 6Y86G444636

• One of three stainless steel Lincoln Continental Convertibles produced
• Retained by Allegheny Ludlum (Allegheny Technologies Inc.) from new
• The final stainless collaboration of Ford Motor Company and Allegheny Ludlum
• Hand-assembled in a special area of Ford's Wixom, MI facilities
• Special late-production example of the last convertible offered by Lincoln

462 cid V-8 engine, two-barrel carburetor, 340 HP, three-speed automatic transmission, independent front suspension with unequal-length A-arms and coil springs, live rear axle with leaf springs, hydraulic four-wheel drum brakes; wheelbase: 126"

For 1961, Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln Division made a complete and startling break from the past with the all-new Continental. Gone were multiple Lincoln models; Lincoln’s success would now stand upon the quality, luxury, and style of the all-new Continental alone. With a shorter wheelbase and overall length than the 1960 model yet exuding a commanding presence, the all-new Continental was designed by Elwood Engel and remains a benchmark of style and refinement today.

As one of the lowest sitting luxury automobiles ever built, the Continental hid an innovative driveshaft assembly that was lowered as far as possible to reduce the height of the driveline tunnel inside the car. To ensure the Continental’s build quality before delivery, each engine was dynamometer-tested for three hours at speeds replicating travel at 100 mph. Each finished car was then road-tested and returned to the factory for correction of any noted defects. Next, a high-pressure water test, inspection, and chassis realignment assured that each Continental was truly ready to be released from the factory for dealer deliveries.

Updates to the Continental included a three-inch wheelbase extension for the 1964-69 model years and slight enlargement of the 430-cubic-inch V-8 engine used for 1961-65 to a mammoth 462 cubic-inches for the 1966 to 1969 models. Delivering 340 under-stressed horsepower, the 462 was the largest-displacement engine ever used in a Ford Motor Company passenger car. Given its irreplaceable presence and well-earned reputation for excellence, the 1961-69 Continentals remain cultural icons by virtue of their high-profile use with the Kennedy White House. The 1966-69 cars also enjoyed excellent product placement on CBS TV’s hugely successful police drama, “Hawaii Five-0,” helping to endow the regal fourth-generation Continental with its enduring cultural mystique.

Following up on the pair of stainless steel-bodied Ford Thunderbird hardtops hand-built in 1960, Ford Motor Company and Allegheny Ludlum announced what would be their final collaboration in 1966 – a trio of majestic Lincoln Continental Convertibles. As before, these beautiful, hand-built creations served as technology demonstrators highlighting the superior strength and durability of stainless steel in automotive applications. Both the difficulties encountered with assembly of the hardtop roof sections of the stainless 1960 Thunderbirds, and the impending end of convertible Continental production after 1967, inspired Ford and Allegheny Ludlum to build the latest stainless cars with the top-of-the-line open body style. This time, the Continentals were painstakingly hand-assembled in a special area at Ford Motor Company’s Wixom, Michigan assembly plant, with the job documented in photographs that appeared in several magazine articles over the following years.

Two stainless Continentals were initially envisioned as 1966 model-year cars. As they were being hand-built, executives from the Lincoln Division of Ford Motor Company decided to have a third Continental built for its own promotional use. Since the three Continentals were built late during the 1966 model year, the first two cars were trimmed like the 1966 cars yet titled as 1967 models. The third Continental for Lincoln was outfitted with 1967-model trim. All three stainless Continentals were handsomely finished with dark blue pleated leather upholstery and black convertible tops.

As intended, the trio of stainless steel Continentals created a sensation everywhere they were displayed during their brief front-line show careers. Following their retirement, they were placed into storage. Subsequently, Allegheny Ludlum acquired the third car built for Ford’s Lincoln Division and then passed it to the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. The stainless Continental offered here has remained within the collection of Allegheny Ludlum from new and is featured in a wonderful 1967 photograph and postcard alongside the stainless-bodied 1936 Ford Tudor and 1960 Thunderbird from The Historic Stainless Steel Trifecta. Truly, we are honored to have been entrusted to offer all three of these stunning vehicles as a single group lot.

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