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Lot 39
1936 Fiat Topolino 2 Dr


From the Pristine Collection of Eric McConnell


• Unique one-off custom design
• 355 V-8 engine with blower
• Sanderson street rod headers, BDS dual carb scoop
• Original '32 Ford chassis

355 Chevy small block engine, TH350 automatic transmission, ’32 Ford chassis, 671 blower, Sanderson street rod headers, Ford 9-inch differential

The small but mighty Fiat Topolino made its automotive debut in 1936 and would stay in production until 1955. When first introduced to the automotive world, it was one of the smallest vehicles to be produced on a mass scale for public sale. Being in a league of its own at the time, it proved to be a game changer, as many small cars to this day model after it in some form or fashion. The VW Bug, Fiat 500, and modern-day smart cars all draw inspiration from the Topolino for its unique and innovative design. It was able to combine the features of a sports car, while still getting admirable gas mileage, making it a favorable car for many. Though the design was different and unique in many ways already, the 1936 Fiat Custom being offered here takes it to a whole other level. Coming from the Pristine Collection of Eric McConnell, this is undoubtably one of the more interesting custom builds that you would find at any car show or track. Using the shell of a 1936 Fiat Topolino and the chassis of a '32 Ford, this build set itself apart from almost everything on the market. If the outward appearance isn't different enough, the mechanics surely will be.

Using a blown 355 Chevy small block as the engine, McConnell decided to combine it with aftermarket Sanderson street rod headers that make for an ear popping experience in itself. The unique experience only gets better when the pedal meets the floor and it throws your head back from the pure force that is created. The lightweight body, '32 Ford chassis, and Ford 9-inch differential all work together to allow the car to take off at a quicker and much more rapid pace. A TH350 automatic transmission backs the Chevy small block, allowing for anyone to be able to experience this one-of-a-kind Fiat. A BDS dual carb scoop can be seen rising from the hood, adding to its already aggressive look. The rear is fitted with Rocket racing wheels and Coker Firestone 15-inch Dragster tires, while the front is fitted with Formula 3.00 – 18 tires.

Uniquely featured on the Fiat straight from the factory were the suicide doors, which are still intact on this build. Two purpose built bucket seats have been added for extra comfort as well as safety. Inside you’ll find a chrome plated B&M shifter and well-presented Lecarra mahogany woodgrain steering wheel. Many key safety features have also been added throughout the build, including a wheelie bar, Pyrotect racing safety harnesses, and a fire extinguisher under the seat. Pleasingly unique and funky on the outside this high powered Fiat custom will impress even more when the engine is fired up and commands the attention of everyone in a two-block radius. If you are looking to have fun and make a splash in the car scene, this Topolino will certainly let folks know that you have in fact, successfully arrived.

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