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Ref # 621
2015 Custom AWD Unlimited Trophy Truck



• One of very few Trophy Trucks in existence
• All-wheel drive, allowing for performance on all terrain including sand
• Custom 114-gallon fuel tank l 2015 All Wheel Drive Trophy Truck l Less than 1000 acutal miles l State of the art 4WD system l Fully race prepped l 900hp from a 471ci Fuel Injected V8 l With purchas includes second brand new body, spare parts package, 4 brand new tires in addition to 7 already with truck l

This All Wheel Drive (4WD) Trophy Truck is one of very few in existence. The truck was originally shown to the public at the Off Road Expo Show in Pamona California. The AWD system is state of the art allowing the vehicle to turn as well as a 2wd truck while gaining all the benefits of 4wd traction. This feature makes the truck perfectly capable of running in pure deep sand, on the sand dunes, and silt without the need for paddle tires and also makes the truck much faster off road since the 4WD eliminates all of the unwanted wheel spin. Another benefit to our advanced 4WD system is that it allows the front drive to disconnect to protect against damage in a shock loading scenario. The drivetrain in the truck is a 471 cubic inch LS based engine making 900 horsepower, Gearworks fully built Trophy Truck Turbo 400 transmission, mated to a Wiseman billet transfer case. The transfer case has a lowered rear output to reduce driveline angles making the truck perfectly smooth to over 140 MPH. The suspension on the truck features perfect geometry throughout the 20" front and 30" rear travel and is controlled by 3" coilovers front and rear with 4" front bypasses shocks and massive 5.25" rear bypass shocks. The fuel tank was custom built to hold 114 gallons of race fuel for long distance events. The wiring is all sealed in Raychem and features all Mil-Spec switches and breakers. The electronics are top of the line and redundant for both driver and co-driver. The cooling system is from Ron Davis and is massive to protect the truck in any environment where heat is the enemy. KC Hilites are featured throughout the truck including work lights, interior, and signature underbody lighting as well as the big overhead lights for high speed night runs. This truck was build with zero compromise and made to take anything thrown at it.

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