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Ref # 209
1947 Dodge DeLuxe Sedan


CHASSIS NO: 30962176

• Stunning 392 HEMI built by Power Play HEMI
• Art Deco interior with Streamline Modern influence
• Nicknamed "Swoopy"

Swoopy is a term used in the hot rod world to describe a ride that is exceptionally smooth. This 1947 Dodge readily meets that definition, with strong emphasis on flowing lines and a minimum of operational controls being readily evident. This build as a series of unique design features, including skinned front and rear bumpers, twin floating grilles, and custom one-off taillights. In total, there are over 100 body modifications, with all steel fabrication.

The power plant is a stunning 392 HEMI built by Power Play HEMI, complete with Keith Black pistons, Manley rods, and roller rockers. For maximum visual effect, majority of components above the aluminum heads have been chromed, including the twin Holley four-barrel carburetors. To compliment the cleanliness of the engine bay, polished stainless-steel fasteners were installed in numerous locations, along with smoothed firewall, and polished stainless-steel fuel lines.

The interior also reflects this commitment to excellence with a strong Art Deco and Streamline Moderne influence. Examples include custom dash transitioning to a full-length waterfall console that flares at the back to create rear seating similar to a 1954 Corvette, bullnose accents placed in door sills, and extensive use of leather from Northern Italy, including covering of the floorboards. Additional touches include: one-piece sculpted head liner, one-off chrome, and one-off seat buttons designed by Kenny Youngblood. Keyless ignition and automatic shifter controls are also hidden from view.

In recognition of the key role served by having the “perfect” wheels, Mike Curtis, owner of Curtis Speed Wheels, was selected for the design and fabrication. Each wheel has a total of 24 flutes that are symmetrically arrayed, with four (4) design features per opening. To complement the smooth flow, the lug nuts and valve stems are hidden from view, with approximately 20 hours of CNC time for each wheel.

With the smooth body lines, a great set of back shadowed flames outlined with color coordinated pinstriping were a natural fit. When combined with the Dupont Hot Hues Sinful Cinnamon product, the finish is second to none. With 100s of hours blocking, color sanding, and polishing, the resulting shine definitely makes Swoopy stand out from the crowd.

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