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Ref # 073
1932 Ford Model B Hot Rod Pickup



• Led the 2018 STREET RODDER Road Tour
• Built by Hot Rods By Dean in Phoenix, Arizona
• Chassis built at Roadster Shop in Mundelein, Illinois

Choosing the new ’32 Ford pickup to lead the 2018 STREET RODDER Road Tour was the easiest part of the project. For the build, STREET RODDER turned again to Hot Rods By Dean in Phoenix. STREET RODDER has worked with Dean Livermore at HRBD on three earlier Road Tour vehicles (’38 Ford coupe, ’59 Chevy Impala, and ’66 Ford Fairlane). We wanted the truck to reflect classic ’60s hot rod style and we needed it to withstand five months of virtually nonstop cross-country cruising. Designer Eric Black created some concept illustrations to get the style just right, and Livermore and the HRBD builders turned it into the real thing.

Like many of the recent Road Tour vehicles, the truck rides on chassis built at Roadster Shop in Mundelein, Illinois. Neal, Phil, and Jeremy Gerber started with a fully boxed repro Deuce frame, reinforced with a Model A–style front crossmember and X-member. Pete and Jakes is a great source for traditional suspension parts and supplied what we needed for our truck. The period front end includes a drilled, dropped Super Bell I-beam axle, ’37-’41 style spindles, hairpins, tubular shocks, and a monoleaf spring reversed-eye spring—all chromed to shine like jewels. Flaming River provided the entire steering system from the Vega box and Pitman arm all the way up to the tilt column and Vette steering wheel. Roadster Shop added their Panhard bar to the Pete and Jakes rear end, featuring a polished Winters quick-change, heavy-duty four-bars, and a pair of AFCO adjustable coilover shocks. The whole chassis is a combination of traditional coolness and reliable performance.

UP provided the truck body, doors, fenders, hood, grille, cowl top, and sides with windshield pillars, fenders, firewall, floor, bumpers, LED turn-indicator spreader bar, handles, mirrors, and even the headlights and taillights. Two cowl tops are available with or without a vent; we chose a vent. Dan Fink Metalworks shipped one of their ’32 Ford grille inserts to complete the exterior. The fasteners for this project were provided by Automotive Racing Products (ARP).

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