Lot 64
2012 Porsche 997 TT GT3R



• Stunning, fully engineered build by Speedconcepts
• Competition-spec Porsche GT3R body kit
• 700 horsepower twin-turbo opposed flat six
• All-wheel drive and weighing just 3,200 pounds
• Second Place Overall in the 2017 One Lap of America

3,800 cc DOHC horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine rated at 700 HP, seven-speed dual clutch auto/manual transmission (PDK), upgraded Ohlin TTX front/rear coil over suspension, multilink rear suspension and front stabilizer bar, and four-wheel carbon ceramic ventilated cross-drilled disc brakes

Events for modern supercars including One Lap of America require a car that can be driven long distances and at high speeds without fuss while also being able to unleash massive amounts of power and precision handling. This mission calls for a specialty car built with a well-engineered plan, a fact that is no more evident than in this tribute to the Porsche 997 Turbo by Speedconcepts, a car that was built with a strategy that was fully executed resulting in a unique Porsche like no other in the world.

This incredible build started with sourcing a 2012 Porsche Turbo S in excellent condition. The car was located in Birmingham, Alabama and was then driven back to the home of Speedconcepts in Glendale, Wisconsin. As one of the global premier builders of unique and high-performance cars, Speedconcepts are the go-to specialists for creating body panels for the Porsche 997, Mercedes-Benz SLS and Nissan GT-R. Speedconcepts started by taking this 997 to the bare tub so that chassis modifications could be made as well as a full rollcage welded into place. The wheel wells were widened to allow larger wheels and the carbon body kit selected for the build was from Porsche Motorsport’s GT3R, primarily due to that fact that it has a completely flat bottom allowing for better aerodynamics. The rear seat was removed, but the factory carpet was carefully reworked to maintain a neat appearance. With all body elements in place, it was finished with a sinister black exterior while the installed roll cage was finished in a contrasting yellow. So precise is the configuration of the full rollcage that the entire front half of the cage is hidden while the top is under the headliner. The A-pillar bars are also covered by the factory trim while the lateral bar is hidden underneath the dash.

Power is delivered from a twin-turbocharged 3,800 cc DOHC horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine, dynamometer-tested at 700+ horsepower. The turbo system was upgraded, and the entire arrangement converted to a water to air cooled unit with front radiators. This necessitated some delicate engineering, but the results are completely hidden away for a pure stock appearance. A custom-built exhaust growls with power and a methanol injection system ensures this engine reaches its full potential. All this power reaches the ground through a rebuilt and upgraded sequential transmission with clutches from Dodson Motorsport. To ensure precise handling the suspension system received Porsche RSR uprights that were also modified to accept the OEM wheel speed sensors. The shock absorbers were upgraded to Ohlins TTX two-way adjustable and front and rear spherical bearing top hats were added while a custom fabricated rear sway bar with solid rear subframe bushings adds stability. All of these enhancements reach the ground through Michelin PSS 19-inch tires sized 325 front and 345 rear mounted on custom-built rims from Forgeline. Clearly, nothing was overlooked in building a performance specification car that is also completely street legal. Although this Porsche is more than capable of competitive performance, the interior is one that offers an excellent degree of comfort with custom Cobra seats, navigation, and Speedconcepts logo stitched into the upholstery, plus air-conditioning and power-assisted brakes, power locks, power steering and power window lifts.

Porsche may build their own racecars, but that doesn’t stop others from creating their own designs that sometimes can even exceed a factory competition car. This Porsche was specifically built for the One Lap of America event that is sanctioned by the National Autosport Association and is the successor to the famed Cannonball Run. As a testament to Speedconcepts, the car placed second overall in the One Lap of America in 2017. Just 28,532 actual miles of use are supported by the “Actual” mileage title document for this awesome performer. With its highly refined design and precise engineering, this Porsche is a unique and specialized custom-built car that offers the opportunity for an extended touring experience in a way that very few cars can even approach.

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