Lot 79
1971 Dodge Dart Demon Custom Pro Touring



• Stunning tribute to Mr. Norm and the Demon GSS
• Equipped with fuel injection Chrysler 6.1 Hemi V-8
• Five-speed manual transmission
• Featured in multiple Mopar-related magazines

Chrysler 6.1-liter Hemi V-8 engine, five-speed transmission, independent front coil and rear leaf spring suspension, four-wheel disc hydraulic brakes; wheelbase: 108”

In 1971, the muscle car craze may have reached its apogee, but the famed Mopar specialist Mr. Norm had another trick up his sleeve. Dodge had just introduced a coupe version of its popular compact car, the Dart. Named the Demon, this lightweight coupe could be powered by either the pedestrian six-cylinder, or high-revving 340 cubic-inch V-8. Mr. Norm, Norm Kraus, proprietor of the famed Grand Spaulding Dodge dealership in Chicago, saw more performance potential and created the Demon GSS, Grand Spaulding Special with a ‘Tri-Power’ 340 V-8.

In honor of Mr. Norm and his contribution to Mopar Performance, this tribute restomod was built by the famed Mopar customizer Mike Staveski for Mopar enthusiast and collector Bill Sefton who visited the famed Mr. Norm’s Grand Spaulding dealership during its heyday. This 1971 Demon was restored with modern, high-tech performance. Its powerplant is a third generation SRT-8 6.1-liter V-8 breathing through three two-barrel throttle bodies, mimicking Mr. Norm’s original three two-barrel carburetors. Power flows through the durable Tremec five-speed transmission and reaches the pavement via a stout Moser prepped Dana 60 differential. This custom Demon boasts a full Wilwood disc brake system. It sports a fully adjustable racing suspension with AFCO coilover shocks. It is shod with Modern Muscle forged wheels wrapped with Pirelli P Zero™ Rosso tires, ready to autocross any road course.

The interior is outfitted with Corvette C5 seats, Redline Gauge Works instruments and full Sony sound system including two twelve-inch subwoofer speakers for powerful bass notes. This custom Demon has been featured in Mopar Collector’s Guide, Mopar Action and Mopar Enthusiast magazines, Melding Heritage and Modern Muscle. This Demon has the power to compete and the comfort to cruise the boulevard.

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