Lot 120
1984 Peterbuilt 359 Ultra Custom TT Crew Cab "THOR"



• The world's greatest custom heavy truck
• The most powerful big rig ever built at 3,974 HP
• Recently filmed on Jay Leno's Garage
• Thousands of hours over a seven-year build
• Includes Hawker jet engine Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

Twin 852 cid V-12 Detroit diesel engines, 3,974 HP, manual gearbox, custom independent suspension, power disc brakes; total length: 44’

Mike Harrah has accomplished a lot – a real estate developer, stunt pilot, and offshore boat racer, to name a few - but nothing else compares to his incredible vision in creating Thor - the most epic big-rig truck ever built, and named, of course, for the Norse God with unstoppable power.

Mike’s vision began with a Peterbilt 359 crew cab semi, which was immediately stretched to 44-feet-long to accommodate his plans. Once the frame was completed, literally everything on the bottom side was replaced with chrome plated or polished aluminum performance parts, from the entire driveline to hubs, brakes, and even frame components. Each fabricated part fits perfectly, has been polished to the nines, and adds to the overall impressive presence. It might be easy to dismiss this sort of attention to detail as frivolous, but backed by the actual performance, it simply proves the craftsmanship and vision evident throughout this project. Plus, Thor is still fully equipped to haul a load, with standard hookup and rigging features in place.

The visuals are incredible - a massive 1933 Ford-style tribute grille leads the way, with flared, flamed fenders following close behind, dressed right up with chrome Norse God trim pieces and custom work everywhere you look. The paint is flawless, with a multi-flamed motif on the fenders and doors over a rich red finish. A chrome spoiler, sunroof, and impressive array of air horns decorate the top, and the hand-riveted panels and attention to detail is truly impressive. But wait until you walk around back - an incredible mural featuring Thor in all his raging power fills the back of the cab, topped with a huge polished aluminum sculpture of his name. Surrounded by chrome everywhere and those massive stacks and riding on those eight huge tires with chrome rims and spiked hubcaps, the back side is most likely the only view anyone choosing to race Thor will ever get.

Climb inside, and revel in the custom-stitched leather interior, classic wood-rim steering wheel, and the most impressive array of performance gauges you’ll ever see. The polished aluminum dash features a boost gauge for every Supercharger that will blow your mind the first time you see it in operation. There’s a classic hot-rod vibe, with plenty of carved skulls, LED lighting, and custom paint throughout. Did I mention a 1,500 watt-per-channel, 110-volt world class stereo system, probably pretty necessary to hear your Metallica CD when this big rig is under power? And, when you are just hanging out at the truck stop, your rig will certainly be popular with seven integrated video screens, including a 40-inch unit in the cab.

The undeniable star of the show, however, is the nine feet of raw power developed by 1,704 cubic-inches of displacement - two complete 12-cylinder Detroit diesel engines in a row, with 12 #871 superchargers arranged above the blocks creating a blistering 3,974 HP. There is incredible torque with nitrous boost, allowing the 32,000-pound truck to reach 130 MPH. That’s 24 cylinders of pure supercharged Detroit power, making Thor the most powerful big rig ever built. It’s the largest engine ever installed in a street-legal vehicle, so you might just need the four 12-foot drag chutes to reel in all that speed.

Visually stunning and incredibly powerful, the list of features could go on for another 99 1/2 days, but suffice to say, if it can be dreamed up, it was developed and built by Mike Harrah in the most incredible custom semi-truck ever attempted. With over seven years in development, there will never be another, making Thor 24 one of the most intriguing investment opportunities available. Simply put - it is the greatest custom big-rig ever built.

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