Lot 5
1955 Packard Caribbean Convertible


CHASSIS NO: 55881229

• Very rare – 1 of only 500 made
• Classic tri-color paint scheme
• Full power accessories
• Ready to drive

352 cid OHV V-8 engine, Rochester four-barrel carburetor, 275 HP at 4600 rpm, Twin Ultramatic automatic transmission, torsion bar suspension with automatic leveling, hydraulic drum brakes, 8.00 x 15 tubeless tires; wheelbase: 127”

1955 marked the first year where automotive designer Richard A. Teague heavily influenced the design of Packard automobiles. Teague had previously done two Packard show cars and had some influence on the 1953-54 models, but the 1955 cars would be a departure from the conservative norm because of Teague’s influence. One of the more notable features of the Teague design are the unique taillights dubbed “Cathedral” lamps that are credited with making the rear of the new big series Packards stand out from the competition. Another feature that was a major departure from past practice was the tri-color exterior paint of the convertible Caribbean. The application of three colors to the exterior was very much in keeping with the styles of the mid-1950s but resulted in a flashier car than was typical for Packard automobiles.

Along with the new bold styling, came a new bold engine. The all-new Packard V-8 came in 327 cid for the smaller series cars and 352 cid for the larger cars. While the engine didn’t utilize an abundance of cutting-edge technology, it was a very well-engineered power plant. The 352 cid version was one of the largest displacement engines available in a production car in the United States. The Caribbeans received the larger engine and Twin Ultramatic automatic transmission as standard equipment; that was an update of the standard automatic used by Packard for many years. The chassis was completed by the new revolutionary torsion bar self-leveling suspension that was unique to Packard and a standard item on all Caribbeans.

Like all Caribbeans, this car has power steering, power brakes, power windows, power seat and power top. The stunning white, red and black exterior is set against an orange and white interior. This car is presented as a ready-to-drive example, perfect for summer outings with the top down. These are very rare cars with only 500 produced out of a total 55,517 Packard cars manufactured in 1955, so the opportunity to add one to your collection does not come around every day.

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