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1957 Ford Thunderbird Roadster


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• Nicely presented example of this stunning automobile
• Ready for shows and events
• Desirable color scheme
• The last of the classic Thunderbird
• Automatic transmission with several power options
• Includes both hard top and soft top

312 cid OHV V-8 engine, 245 HP, two-speed Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission, independent front suspension with coil springs, live axle rear suspension with leaf springs, four-wheel drum brakes; wheelbase: 102”

Produced as a countermeasure to Chevrolet's Corvette sports car, the now well-known and iconic Thunderbird debuted in October of 1954. Just like the Corvette, it was used as a platform to pioneer upcoming technology and the first models were produced with Ford's new overhead-valve V-8 engine. The Thunderbird was presented as sporty two-seater that was intended to appeal to younger customers who were conscious of their cool and hip image. It also gained the upper hand in the sales war with Chevy thanks to a superiorly designed V-8 engine and greater assembly refinement. With the widespread sales success, it was understandable that very few alterations were made for the 1956 model year, with the most obvious being the rearrangement of the spare wheel positioning from the inside to the outside of the trunk in the style of what was called the Continental Kit. Engine options also changed to include a beefier 312 cubic-inch, 215-horsepower Thunderbird Special V-8.

The Thunderbird underwent a much more significant re-style for 1957 which included the adoption of a lengthier tail section and much more prominent tailfins. As well as giving the car a sleeker appearance, this alteration also served a practical purpose by providing greater luggage space, something which two-seater sportsters were known for lacking. This size adjustment also allowed enough room for the spare wheel to be relocated back into the trunk, a move that resulted in slight improvements in the car’s overall handling. The front end of the car was also given a very mild facelift which further complemented the car’s sharp, creased edges. The interior of the ‘57 saw the introduction of a new instrument panel which was marketed as the “Lifeguard Design,” named so for its padded dashboard and inset steering wheel which were all seen as safety adaptations. At this point, there were six engine options that could be paired with each trim level, alongside numerous power refinements and high-profile wide whitewall tires. Some other engineering changes included the addition of another leaf to the rear springs, 14-inch wheels, and larger front brakes which greatly improved stopping power.

This Thunderbird, offered in attractive red with both fabric convertible top and hard top, is without a doubt a terrific example of just what made these cars a phenomenon from the start. Equipped with the 312 cubic-inch, 4V, 245-horsepower V-8, power windows, and power brakes, this car makes the perfect Sunday...or any-day driver. It is also among the last of the first generation 1955-'57 Thunderbirds, which have for a long time ranked among the most wanted and sought-after of all post-war American automobiles. As it goes with many of the greatest cars, the original two-seater Thunderbird climaxed during its production year of 1957. During that year, Thunderbirds were flying out of showrooms, with some 21,000 T-Birds sold in 1957. It was even reported that the sheer number of requests for many more of these cars could not be answered by the factory. In a move that seemed contrary to its success, the original Thunderbird two-seater concept soon was abandoned. In 1958, a four-seat version was introduced, almost immediately turning the earlier two-seater cars into collectors' items overnight. Don’t miss this chance to own a well-cared for and highly sought-after collector Thunderbird such as this.