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1965 Chevrolet Corvette Restomod Roadster


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CHASSIS NO: 194675S100941

• Modified LS2 engine produces over 600 horsepower
• Many additional enhancements decrease weight and improve handling
• Classic looks with modern comfort and performance

6.0-liter LS2 V-8 engine, 612 HP, automatic turbo 350 transmission with 336 gears, four-wheel independent suspension, four-wheel drum brakes; wheelbase: 98"

1963 marked the 10th anniversary of the Corvette’s introduction. This year would also see the arrival of the completely redesigned second generation of what was quickly becoming America’s favorite sports roadster. Cooperatively designed by Larry Shinoda and Bill Mitchell, the second-generation Corvette featured an aerodynamic wind tunnel-influenced design unseen in American automobiles since the 1930s. This unique look combined with advanced mechanicals and superb engineering immediately elevated the status of the car. The lightweight fiberglass body rode on a four-inch shorter wheelbase than previous models, but overall length was nearly the same, giving the car its attractive, ultra-sleek appearance. Hidden headlights, hood ventilators, and long continuous lines further developed the exciting look of the new generation. A new ladder-type frame replaced the X-type, which lowered the car’s center of gravity while greatly improving overall handling. This would also be the first time a Corvette coupe was available, offering a body that was 90 percent firmer than the preceding year’s roadster.

During its third production season, the Corvette’s styling became smoother and included the addition of an all-new braking system and more power. The hood was now completely void of scoop indentations and the nonfunctional speed-lines on the front fenders were replaced with functional working vertical vents. Additionally, wheel covers as well as rocker-panel moldings were restyled, and several minor trim revisions were made in the car's interior. About mid-way through 1965, the “Big-Block” 396 engines were added to the lineup, producing a whopping 425 horsepower. This was also the final year for the Rochester fuel injection system, as the more easily tunable carbureted units became much more popular. Additionally, the price tag to horsepower difference between a fuel injected and carbureted car was hardly justifiable to consumers. With only 771 fuel injected cars built in 1965, Chevrolet officially discontinued the option which would not return for another 18 years.

This early 1965 Corvette has been in the same owner’s possession for 23 years. While four-wheel disc brakes were introduced in 1965, this car is equipped with the drum brake only option which was ordered on only 316 Corvettes that year. Presented in code correct Glen Green with a tan leather interior and a teak wood steering wheel, this car looks all the part of a classic mid-60s Vette. The original components consisted of a 300 horsepower, 327 cubic-inch engine, automatic transmission, power steering with telescopic steering wheel, power brakes, power windows, and positraction control. Roughly 10 years ago, the owner sought to further enhance the already hearty power of this car by purchasing an even more commanding powerplant for his machine. This modified LS2 motor, professionally installed by Turn Key Engines, is mated to a turbo 350 transmission with a 3:36 gear ratio. Tuned to deliver a whopping 612 horsepower, this car looks no different from its original self…that is until the hood is opened. A switched lock-up converter has been installed to dissipate heat and lower final drive RPMs as well. All aspects have been completely restored weighing the car in at a total of 2,800 lbs. Don’t miss this chance to own a one-of-a-kind car like this that is bound to impress any Corvette enthusiast.