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1974 Vespa 90


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• Unrestored original scooter
• Believed to have just 101 miles from new
• Iconic Italian design
• Excellent running condition

88.5cc single-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke engine, 3.1 HP at 5,200 rpm, single Dell’Orto 16mm carburetor, three-speed grip-shift transmission, 10” pressed steel wheels; wheelbase: 1160 mm

The “small frame” Vespa was one of the last of the Vespa designs to be penned by Corradano D'Ascanio, the designer of the first Vespa. Nevertheless, it was totally different than all the Vespas that had come before. All the small frames shared a common basic body. It was a simplified and streamlined version of the larger Vespa. The simplified design had far fewer parts, was elegant and was almost astounding in its simplicity. The frame was essentially one unit and, although a small door on the right side of the scooter allowed limited engine access, there were no removable cowlings as on previous Vespas. As befitting its status as an economy model, there were no adornments on the scooter, such as aluminum trim or chrome accents. In scale with the frame, the front fender was simplified and made smaller. The floor had only two floor runners on each side, rather than the three that the large frame models had. They are light, very stable, super maneuverable and fun!

Introduced at the Milan Show in 1963 and destined mainly for export markets, the Vespa 90 was virtually identical to the 50-cc version. The details that distinguished it were the 10” diameter wheels and the more powerful electrical system with a main-beam headlight and brake light. The leg-shield was fitted with aluminum edge trim, the front suspension had the dual-action damper and the script on the leg-shield was in first made in dark blue but updated through the years. The 90 was successful and remained in production with minimal changes until 1984.

This 1974 Vespa 90 is unrestored and exceptionally clean and is believed to have just 101 miles from new. The original factory tool kit is still with this remarkably original Vespa. The current owner reports it runs and drives well and is ready to enjoy “La Dolce Vita”.