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Lot 14
1987 Porsche 911 Targa


Selling on Wednesday


• Desirable Carrera 3.2 with G50 transaxle
• Original Marine Blue Metallic paint
• 17” Fikse wheels
• Upgraded exhaust and brakes


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3,164cc SOHC flat six-cylinder engine, Bosch fuel injection, 217 HP at 5,900 RPM, five-speed manual G50 transaxle, four-wheel independent suspension, four-wheel disc brakes; wheelbase: 89.5”

A modern classic if ever there was one, Porsche's long running 911 was introduced in 1964, replacing the 356. The latter's rear-engine layout was retained, but the 911 switched to unitary construction for the bodyshell and dropped the 356's VW-based suspension in favor of a more modern McPherson strut and trailing arm arrangement. In its first incarnation, Porsche's single-overhead-camshaft, air-cooled flat six displaced 1,991cc and produced 130 horsepower; progressively enlarged and developed, it would eventually grow to more than three litres.

Porsche's first take on a 911 convertible had been the Targa model of 1965, a 'halfway house' design chosen because of fears that a genuine soft-top would not meet U.S. Federal safety regulations, but by 1981 the company felt able to proceed with the genuine article. Introduced in normally aspirated 3.0-litre form in 1982, the 911 Cabriolet lost little, if any, rigidity with the deletion of the Targa roll-over bar, while its speedily manipulated top featured a detachable, zip-fastened rear window. The popular Cabriolet continued when the 'Carrera' name was applied to all 911 models, coincidentally with the introduction of the 3.2-litre engine from 1984. Not merely enlarged, the new engine was also extensively revised and produced 231 horsepower, 27 horsepower more than its predecessor. The 911 Carrera's top speed was now 152mph, with 100mph reachable in a blistering 13.6 seconds. The editors of Motor Trend magazine were impressed with the 911 series cars when new, causing them to state in the September 1987 issue, “The durability of the 911 is nothing short of amazing. Long after nearly every other car of its age has faded from the marketplace, it continues to tantalize, inflame passions, and generally make life hard for anything that dares to challenge its position at the top of the sports car heap. And the higher its price rises, the stronger its sales get. Year after year, the well-heeled diehards line up to tilt the trade imbalance even further.”

This 3.2-litre G50 Carrera Targa is finished in its original Marine Blue Metallic over a navy blue leather interior. The factory 3.2-litre engine runs strong and has been upgraded with a custom exhaust system. Enhancing the aggressive look of this collectible Porsche is a set of forged 17" Fikse wheels over upgraded front brakes borrowed from a later model 996. Additionally, it features some mild suspension upgrades that give a more attractive stance, but still allow for a smooth ride. This machine sounds incredible and is an absolute joy to drive. Recently, the car has received a fresh oil change and needs nothing but to be enjoyed.

The current owner reports that everything functions properly, including all gauges, electric windows, and cabin heating. The interior has been upgraded with brand-new front and rear speakers in the factory sizes, as well as a brand-new Bluetooth head unit in the factory location. The engine revs and pulls as it should without leaking or burning excessive oil, the transmission shifts smoothly through the gears without grinding or hesitation, and the car tracks, turns and stops as it should. The original paint shines beautifully showing only minor signs of wear for a 35 year old sports car. The interior is in exceptionally good condition showing very little wear. Here is perhaps the perfect combination of originality and drivability in a Porsche of this era.

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