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1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Roadster


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CHASSIS NO: 30837X100011

• First of the continuation Grand Sport race cars built by the Duntov Motor Company
• Chevrolet Gen-5 427 cubic-inch engine
• Recently refinished in original racing livery of Sunoco Blue
• Currently street legal

Chevrolet Generation 5 big block 427 cubic-inch engine rated at 480 HP with 490 lbs/ft torque, T-56 Super Magnum six-speed transmission, four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, front independent suspension with coil springs, rear independent suspension with transverse leaf spring; wheelbase: 98”

In 1962, Chevrolet commissioned Zora Arkus Duntov and the Duntov Motor Company to build a small number of racing Corvettes; they were called the “Grand Sport”. The 1963 original Grand Sports are legendary. In 2005, the Duntov Motor Company set out to recreate the race version of the 1963 Corvette. In 2009, GM awarded an exclusive licensing agreement to Duntov Motor Company to continue production of the 1963 Corvette Grand Sport race car. Having acquired a set of blueprints and molds created from the original #2 Corvette Grand Sport, Duntov Motor Company went to great lengths to create the most competitive and authentic version possible of the Grand Sport race car. These cars were hand made from the original molds and plans and built exclusively by Duntov. This car, GS011, is the first of the continuation Grand Sport race cars built by Duntov Motor Company and is the car that was actually raced.

Duntov Motor Company states, “Like every other Duntov Continuation Grand Sport, GS011 has an original 2011 Duntov Grand Sport frame and suspension and both are wicked stiff. GS011 was our first Grand Sport roadster and was a spectacular success. We raced it for two seasons and won virtually every race we entered.” GS011 was actually the first GM licensed Grand Sport roadster built - VIN # 30837X100011. The initial build date for GS011 was 2011, hence the vehicle number of GS011. It was raced for two seasons beginning in 2015. The car was originally raced by Duntov under GS# 38 and later raced under GS #10. In-car racing videos of this car from Atlanta and Sebring can be found on the Duntov website,

Subsequently, the car was purchased by its current owner who registered it and made into a street legal vehicle. In its current form, this Corvette is a thrill to drive, as the current owner states: “This historic continuation Grand Sport, so very beautiful, to drive it is like a hand grenade duct taped to a skateboard.” Originally, this Grand Sport came from the factory with an overhauled 875HP+, all-aluminum 460 cubic-inch big block racing engine. To make the car more suitable for street-use, the racing engine and transmission were removed and replaced by a Chevy Gen 5-427 crate engine, 480 horsepower, 490 lbs/ft torque - engine number ZZ427/480 and a T-56 Super Magnum six-speed transmission. The only suspension change was the installation of a new power rack. The rear end and brakes are original from the 2011 build as well. Additionally, the car was rewired for street-use with taillights and turn signals in addition to a Classic Industry Corvette style gauge cluster. The fuel system is a Holley fuel injection system with a Rick’s fuel tank system.

The impressive list of spare parts that accompanies the car includes two set of wheels and tires - one being a set of racing tires with the original 2011 build racing wheels currently on the car and a set of street tires with the original 2011 build wheels, the original 2011 steering box, headlight covers, front ground spoiler, original racing windshield plus an extra taller windshield, racing seats, stereo, clock and custom-made weatherproof car cover. Freshly painted to the original racing livery of Sunoco blue, this eye-catching, high performance tribute to the mighty and legendary 1963 Corvette Grand Sport Roadster looks as exciting as it is to drive.

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