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Lot 273
Early-1970s Triumph "Hill Climber"


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CHASSIS NO: AE 09120 T120


Hill climbing is a sport dating back to the '20s in the U.S. As board track racing faded out, promoters realized the simplicity of staging events where competitors rode up a hill. Spectators just sat at the bottom and looked up. Factories were quick to realize the advertising potential of such an event. Soon some of the most experimental engines began showing up at hill climbs. The big factories built up exciting overhead valve engines not generally available to the public. This unit is a 750cc Triumph mounted in a modified Triumph frame. The rear swingarm was extended for better traction and bite. Note the size of the sprocket. Things are done a little backward. Riders start in high gear using a large sprocket. As they ascend the hill, they begin to down shift to a lower gear to keep the revs up and prevent bogging down. This unit is fitted with a “dead man’s switch”. If the rider becomes separated from the bike, the lanyard on his wrist pulls out the kill switch. The rear tire is actually screwed to the rim with sheet metal screws. Denny has ridden this bike to the top of the “Widow Maker” hill in Utah. A true testament to man and machine!

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