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Lot 268
1978 Suzuki GS750


Selling on Saturday

CHASSIS NO: GS75039930

While Kawasaki and Honda had jumped into the mainstream market with their transverse four-cylinder motorcycles, Suzuki was on the outer edge with rotaries and three-cylinder two-strokes. They realized that they needed to get on board with what was being called the Universal Japanese Motorcycle. They knew four-stroke technology was going to be the winner in the long run. They were well-educated when they jumped in. Their frame designs were far superior with GS series. This would pay dividends in racing and later in drag racing. By the early '80s, they were a power to be reckoned with, with their DOHC design and advanced frame technology. This unit is in very good condition. Case guards were fitted, and the original exhaust is still on it. Showing 49,333 miles.

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