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Lot 142
1975 Suzuki Rotary


Selling on Friday


Rotary engines had been around since the teens. They were used by Mazda in some of their cars. Suzuki had actually been studying the prospect of using this design since the '60s. The engine wasn’t that smooth and had a lot of subsystems. The carburetor was operated by a total of five cables! Three different oil reservoirs were needed for the engine and its subsystems. Another byproduct of the rotary design was heat. The engine was water cooled. The exhaust had to be double walled to prevent burns. It did get praise as one of the best handling bikes to come out of Japan. The original graphics are in excellent condition. The instrument cover has fogged, but this is not uncommon. It is still in working condition. Cover mimics taillight design. 21,488 miles indicated.

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