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1967 Ford Mustang 'Vietnam' Fastback


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Proceeds to Benefit the Nonprofit J. Kruse Education Center Career Coaching Academy for Veterans

CHASSIS NO: 7T02C228143

• Delivered to and driven throughout the war zone during the Vietnam War
• One of just five Mustangs produced for American military personnel serving in Vietnam; the sole fastback example
• Accompanied by a Deluxe Marti Report and its original buck tag
• Provided by automotive enthusiast, patriot and host of YouTube’s ‘Coffee Walk,’ Dennis Collins
• Proceeds benefit veterans transitioning into civilian life to discover fulfilling careers


1968 Mustang letter from Ford.pdf
1968 Mustang Marti Report.pdf

289 cid V-8 engine, 225 HP, four-speed manual transmission, HXO heavy-duty suspension, power disc brakes, rear-wheel drive; wheelbase: 108”

1965 marked a pivotal and unforgettable year for the American people as it would be the year U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson would officially declare war and send troops into Vietnam to fight against the communist regime. The decision would not be taken well by everyone, as it would spark protests and riots across the country. Many saw this fight as one that was not ours, as it was hard to portray the “good” versus “evil” within Vietnam. As much division as there was that year there would be one thing bringing the American people closer together, the freshly released Ford Mustang. Introduced just eight months prior, the Mustang quickly became America’s sports car. As the war would evolve, so would the Mustang, as it quickly became the face of American-made pride on the road.

Built at Ford’s Metuchen, New Jersey plant, as the 93 DSO will show, this special 1967 Ford Mustang known as the 'Vietnam Fastback' is one of just a handful of mustangs to be directly intertwined with the Vietnam war. Designated as a T-5 “Mustang”, it meant it was to be built and sent to Germany or Europe, it also meant they could not use the word “Mustang”, because a German truck maker owned the rights. Instead of paying the $10,000 fee to buy the rights, Ford named it the T-5 and removed all the “Mustang” badging on the car. However, one look at the original buck tag still attached under the hood, and it will show its destination would be far from Germany; it was actually South Vietnam. In total, 154 T-5s would be built in ’67, and just five would end up in South Vietnam. Four of the examples would be coupes and only adding to its rarity, this example here would be the only Fastback delivered to South Vietnam. Documented by a letter directly from Ford as well as a Deluxe Marti Report that the current owner, well-known automotive enthusiast, and host of YouTube’s ‘Coffee Walk,’ Dennis Collins, acquired during his own research, this Ford would be first purchased by the U.S. government and was built for the Head of the Navy Defense Contractors in Vietnam. As the buck tag will show, it was specifically built with the HXO option, which was the heavy-duty export suspension, similar to what the high winding Shelbys carried. He would drive the car for two years before selling it to Mr. Ron Cain of the 98th Paratroopers, who would drive it in and out of the war zone for two years. While under Mr. Cain's ownership in Vietnam, a friend placed a River Rat decal on the back windshield, which is still in place today. The River Rats were one of the fiercest and most dedicated U.S. Navy sailors of the Brown Water Navy, patrolling and engaging enemies on the Mekong River. Just imagine all the things this T-5 Mustang saw while driving through the war zone and jungles of Vietnam. After Cain’s tour came to an end, the car was shipped back to Fort Bragg in North Carolina and then to his home in Florida. After enjoying it for a short period of time, he passed it on to his daughter who would drive it throughout her time in high school. Once she graduated from high school, the car was sold to one of Ron Cain’s close friends and then would go dormant, until the current owner, Dennis Collins, would acquire it and bring it to light.

When Dennis Collins became its owner, he simply brought the Mustang to road-worthy, mechanical condition and left the exterior and interior untouched. Though it is much lighter in shade now, it still wears its 'battle-worn' Moss Green paint and a four-barrel carburetor had already been added; the three-speed manual transmission had been swapped for a four-speed, enhancing its drivability.

Adding to the good vibes that the next owner will feel once they purchase this truly special Mustang, proceeds from the sale will benefit the nonprofit J. Kruse Education Center Career Coaching Academy and be used for scholarships for veterans transitioning out of service to discover meaningful and purposeful careers. These scholarships will ensure that our veterans who have sacrificed so greatly for America, and have already paid a huge price, do not have to pay as they reintegrate into civilian life on a path to peace and fulfillment, just as enjoyed by all those who they so bravely fought for.
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If you look up the word ‘badass’ in the dictionary, don’t be surprised when you see a photo of this exact Mustang. Positioned right alongside the allies in Nam, this 1967 Ford Mustang “Vietnam Fastback” with its solid history of owners from new, is a special and rare collectible that will greatly enhance your collection and the lives of countless veterans and their families.

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