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Lot 337
1964 Jaguar MKII Four-Door Saloon


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From The Rockhound Collection


• Considered to be among the best-looking compact Jaguars
• A nice restoration inside and out
• A classy British motoring vehicle

3.8-litre inline six-cylinder engine, 220 HP, three-speed automatic gearbox, front wishbone and coil springs, rear axle with cantilever springs, four-wheel disc brakes; wheelbase: 107.4”

The Jaguar Mark II was introduced in October 1959 and would continue in production until 1967. The MKII was built as a replacement for the 2.4- and 3.4-litre saloon, most commonly known as the MKI. Based upon the MKI, the MKII’s results were different in many ways, both aesthetically and mechanically. Improvements to the design and modern materials resulted in a reduced overall weight allowing for much better performance, especially with the bump in engine litres. The interior was completely redesigned but retained its luxury and elegance with such amenities as leather and wood veneer. While the MKI was loved, the MKII was preferred by most as it was difficult to find a finer mass-produced high-speed vehicle in the late ‘50s and ‘60s.

The body lines and curves of the MKII are distinctive and carry their own allure of excellence throughout, setting itself apart from most of the other British motoring vehicles on the market. Thanks to a thorough restoration that touched on all aspects, this 1964 Jaguar MKII’s body contour and presentation reflect its original and distinctive appearance. The outside has been resprayed in its original maroon color, while the neatly placed chrome pieces have been re-chromed back to a nice shine. Being a four-door vehicle, the MKII Jaguar becomes a convenient sedan that can easily transport guests and family members in a classy manner while holding their belongings in the trunk. Along with the convenience of cargo and legroom, the interior comes with lavish tan upholstery on the seats, door panels, and ceiling. Blending with the upholstery is a mix of wood veneer on the dash and middle console. Power comes from Jaguar’s 3.8-litre inline six-cylinder engine which combines with a three-speed automatic gearbox to create 220 horsepower, enough to please the one behind the wheel. This classy ’64 Jaguar MKII Saloon is ready to be enjoyed by its next owner on whatever journey they might desire.

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