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Lot 388
1934 Standard 10 Convertible Sedan


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From The Rockhound Collection

CHASSIS NO: 173349

• A rarity in North America
• Right-hand-drive British-built vehicle
• Welcomed at AACA events across the country

1,343 cc inline-four side-valve engine, four-speed manual gearbox; wheelbase: 91”

Founded in Coventry, England in 1903 by Reginald Walter Maudslay, The Standard Motor Company Limited first made a name for itself by producing tractor motors. Maudslay would move the company's direction in 1906 and begin producing small automobiles. The first product would be the Standard 10, which got its name from its 10-horsepower two-cylinder engine that powered them. The Standard 10 would not resurface again until 1934 and be quickly replaced again by the ‘Flying 10’ in 1937. The Flying 10 had a semi-streamlined appearance similar to the standard range but would only remain in production until the outbreak of World War II. The 1934 Standard 10s saw a redesign that appealed to their British fan base, as well as the introduction of a few mechanical upgrades like synchromesh and free wheels with integral boots.

A charming little example from 1934, this Standard 10 Convertible sedan is a seldom seen automobile on American shores. The outside appears with a navy-blue body, surrounded by black fenders that show its age as cracking can be seen throughout the paint. A white top is present and comes with a set of snap-on side windows for when the weather conditions are unfavorable. The front and rear bumpers come attached with British license plates, but it cannot be confirmed if they are original to the car or not.

As short as the Standard 10 looks, the interior can still easily fit four occupants at a time. The interior comes lined in a comfortable brown leatherette material which appears to have been fitted in recent years. The carpet also appears to have been replaced at the same time as the upholstery. This right-hand drive example features a four-speed manual gearbox that backs an inline four-cylinder engine. Rarely seen on American shores and accepted at AACA events around the country, this 1934 Standard 10 Convertible Sedan will offer its next owner plenty of opportunities to show it off and enjoy it at various events.

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